Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hope for First Nations

I am sitting at bridgehead feeling a bit low on energy. Looking out of the window, I see four First Nation men looking haggard. They are dirty, skinny and above all, hangover or perhaps more accurately, still drunk. I cant help feeling sorry for them. I wonder how they got to be the way they did. Do they really have such a low self esteem or self hatred that they feel it is better not to feel at all. It makes me feel helpless? It makes me feel upset. It makes me feel helpless. How do you assist? Where are the leaders of this community? Is it time to change their rhetoric? Not to focus on the wrong of the past. But perhaps to focus on the future. Their rhetoric reminds me of that of African- Americans who focus on the past. But they have a new leader- who not only serve them but serve all Americans. Their new leader is focusing on the future. Is that the kind of leader that the First Nations is lacking?

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